Oπe\n Conf 2023 Workshops @ Room 105

Oπe\n 2023 Workshops - Day 1 (Fri) 10 November 2023
10:50 - 12:20

Challenge - Cyber Security challenge - Capture the Flag

Workshop Room 105

Friday 10.Nov / 10:50

THEME: CyberSecurity

Compete against each other in solving four security related challenges in about one hour. To solve a challenge, you may have to analyse digital files, reverse engineer binaries, crack hashes, break cryptographic algorithms or exploit programs’ vulnerabilities.

You will Learn more about Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions and their alternative gamified approach for delivering cybersecurity training and Introduce yourself into ethical hacking.

13:20 - 14:00

Workshop - Digital Product Design Workshop

Workshop Room 105

Friday 10.Nov / 13:20

THEME: Tech Leadership

Get an insight about the processes of analysis, design, implementation, testing and all the essential terminology you’ll often hear as a “noobie” at the office.

Learn the process of digital product design (agency/tech startup) and the responsibilities of each professional in the team.


15:00 - 16:00

Workshop - Balancing Agility and Governance: Self-Service Cloud services for Agile Dev teams with Pulumi

Workshop room 105

Friday 10.Nov / 15:00

THEME: Tech Leadership, DevOps

One of the evolutions of DevOps is Platform Engineering which can balance the autonomy of each Development team and the central governance of aspects such as CI/CD tools and multi-cloud/hybrid environments where multiple Development teams operate in a “you build it – you run it” manner.

The workshop will demo a self-service tool for dev teams which spins-up pre-defined sets of cloud services with minimal input, based on Pulumi templates prepared by a specialized team to apply best practices and central policies.

#DevOps, #Cloud

16:10 - 17:10

Workshop - Mining the Git Goldmine

Workshop Room 105

Friday 10.Nov / 16:10

THEME: Tech Leadership, DevOps

Learn how to effectively utilize analyzed data from git repositories to optimize software development processes, enhance team dynamics and drive continuous improvement An AI-generated code topic will be briefly introduced as a teaser,

#git #repository-mining #code-quality #architecture #team-dynamics

Oπe\n 2023 Workshops - Day 2 (Sat) 11 November 2023
11:20 - 13:20

Quarkus Workshop

Workshop Room 105

Saturday 11.Nov / 11:20

THEME: SW Craftmanship, Microservices

Quarkus is leading the way in the Kubernetes Native Java Application development space. Bring your laptop and come to this workshop to learn the basics around Quarkus, try your first program and experience first hand how Quarkus brings Developer Joy.

#quarkus, #kubernetes, #native, #java, #cloud

13:30 - 14:00

Workshop - Design Thinking in Practice

Workshop Room 105

Saturday 11.Nov / 13:30

THEME: Digital Design

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to problem-solving. Use this workshop learn the art of Design Thinking, elevate your problem-solving abilities, drive innovation, and transform your approach to challenges.

Understand Design Thinking principles, gain practical problem-solving experience, foster empathy and user-centered design, master ideation and prototyping techniques, and develop actionable plans for implementing Design Thinking in various contexts.

#design-thinking, #digital-design, #innovation

14:20 - 16:20

Workshop - Creating optical-based Earth Observation Applications

Workshop Room 105

Saturday 11.Nov / 14:20


The purpose of the workshop is to help attendees understand how optical satellite images work, how they are processed to extract results from wildfire events and predict the severity of a potential wildfire event.

They will learn about the data sources that are needed to predict the severity of wildfire events, like EFFIS, NASA Power, Sentinel-2, etc.

They will also learn how to process ESA’s COPERNICUS Sentinel-2 data using ESA’s SNAP software. SNAP is an open source common architecture for ESA Toolboxes ideal for the exploitation of Earth Observation data.

TAGS: #AI, #EarthObservation