In 2020, we will have following topics covered within these Themes: 


(in brief: Containers, Orchestration, Serverless, FaaS, Integration and Security)

  • Theoretical foundations of containers and containerization
  • Usage, best practices and architectural aspects of using containers as infrastructure
  • Container engines and orchestration frameworks
  • Serverless computing, FaaS platforms and the serverless framework
  • Advantages and disadvantages of related designs, the containers vs serverless debate
  • Security aspects of using containers or serverless designs
  • Testing and integration tools, frameworks and practices


(in brief: AI/ ML, Data Analytics / Fast Data / Big Data, IOT security and scaling, Cloud native)

  • Real world practices and applications of AI / ML /Data Analytics
  • Frameworks for Data Analytics/Fast Data/Big Data
  • Technology and implementation perspectives and security hardening of IOT applications including network scaling.
  • Cloud native applications
  • Tools , frameworks and security considerations for cloud native