Alex T. Zacharopoulos

Alex T. Zacharopoulos

Head of delivery and innovation @ SIG and @ Code4Thought

I've started as a developer since 2007, where I worked in diverse industries (from financial institutes, to video games startups), technologies (from hardcode C to modern Javascript) and roles (from developer to architect).

As a developer I was always obsessed with software architecture and design, therefore, after understanding the importance of software quality and the value of non-functional requirements I did my MSc in Software Engineering (University of Amsterdam) specializing in programming languages, software quality and evolution.

Followed a short research period in C.W.I. (this is where Python is actually created by Guido van Rossum) where we published a paper with my supervisor Tijs van der Storm in the area of programming languages and modeling.

Then, with this experience I moved to consulting, advising organizations on building high quality, secure from the inside-out and well-architected software systems in Software Improvement Group. In SIG I assessed 10ths of large scale systems in non-functional aspects including Maintainability, Security, Architecture and development processes followed by the teams and advised c-level executives on their IT strategy.

In the past 4 years I have been responsible for delivering the services of SIG in Greece as well as developing new products and services in the area of software quality as the head of delivery and innovation for Code4Thought.

All Sessions by Alex T. Zacharopoulos

16:10 - 17:10

Workshop - Mining the Git Goldmine

Workshop Room 105

Friday 10.Nov / 16:10

THEME: Tech Leadership, DevOps

Learn how to effectively utilize analyzed data from git repositories to optimize software development processes, enhance team dynamics and drive continuous improvement An AI-generated code topic will be briefly introduced as a teaser,

#git #repository-mining #code-quality #architecture #team-dynamics

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