Georgios Andrianakis

Georgios Andrianakis

Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat

Georgios Andrianakis works for Red Hat as a Principal Software Engineer and is currently the most active contributor for Quarkus, where he works in all sorts of areas, including but not limited to RESTEasy Reactive, Spring compatibility, Kubernetes support, testing, Kotlin.

He is also an enthusiastic promoter of Quarkus that never misses a chance to spread the Quarkus love!

All Sessions by Georgios Andrianakis

11:20 - 13:20

Quarkus Workshop

Workshop Room 105

Saturday 11.Nov / 11:20

THEME: SW Craftmanship, Microservices

Quarkus is leading the way in the Kubernetes Native Java Application development space. Bring your laptop and come to this workshop to learn the basics around Quarkus, try your first program and experience first hand how Quarkus brings Developer Joy.

#quarkus, #kubernetes, #native, #java, #cloud

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