Athanasios Vasileios Grammatopoulos

Athanasios Vasileios Grammatopoulos

Cybersecurity Researcher @ University of Piraeus

Athanasios Vasileios Grammatopoulos is a Cybersecurity Researcher.

His research focuses on the fields of Cybersecurity Training, Vulnerabilities Detection and Secure Password-less Authentication.

He received his second MSc from the Digital Systems Dept. of University of Piraeus on Digital Systems Security. He received his Electrical and Computer Engineering Diploma and MSc at the Technical University of Crete.

All Sessions by Athanasios Vasileios Grammatopoulos

15:10 - 16:30

Security Challenge by Hellenic Cyber Security Team

Workshop Room

In this short Capture the Flag (CTF) competition you will be asked to compete against each other in solving four security related challenges in about one hour. To solve a challenge, you may have to analyse digital files, reverse engineer binaries, crack hashes, break cryptographic algorithms or exploit programsā€™ vulnerabilities.

Three of the challenges will be offline and one will be online. For the offline challenges, you will have to download the challengesā€™ files and analyse them locally on your computer to recover the embedded flags. For the online challenge, you will be given access to a vulnerable service which you will have to hack and recover the hidden flag. During the competition the CTF organisers may change the pool of available challenges if any problem occurs (e.g. network problems) in order to keep the competition running.

Get ready, setup your Linux VMs, install your network analysers, fire up your reverse engineering tools and donā€™t forget to bring your exploitation cheat sheets. But rememberā€¦ do not share flags, do not attack machines that are not part of the competition, do not attack the competition infrastructure, you may brute force only offline challenges, and of course have fun!

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