Keynote Speakers

We would like to proudly announce the following Keynote Speakers in our conference (in alphaberical order):

David FosterFounding Partner, Applied Data Science Partners | Author of 'Generative Deep Learning' (O'Reilly)/ Openstack
Norbert KraftNokia/ Bell Labs
Ghanshyam MannNEC/ OpenStack Technical Committee
Sean McGinnisDell/ OpenStack
Idan ShaharMicrosoft

David Foster

David Foster is a Founding Partner of Applied Data Science Partners, a data science consultancy building innovative AI solutions for clients. David has won several international machine learning competitions and is the author of the best-selling book ‘Generative Deep Learning: Teaching Machines to Paint, Write, Compose and Play’. He has also authored several successful blog posts on deep reinforcement learning including ‘How To Build Your Own AlphaZero AI using Keras’. 

He will talk about Generative Deep Learning – The Key To Unlocking Artificial General Intelligence?

Norbert Kraft

Norbert Kraft works in Telecom industry since 1991. He held several positions in research, development and system engineering for wide area network equipment.  

Now he is a senior researcher at Nokia Bell Labs, where he is working in the areas of network data intelligence, data mining, machine learning, big data technologies and artificial intelligence. All these technologies are key factors to derive new insights for network management and to improve customer experience in public networks. 

He will talk about how to optimize Mobile Networks with Reinforcement Learning.

Ghanshyam Mann

Ghanshyam is currently serving as a member of OpenStack Technical Committee and as PTL of OpenStack QA. He is full-time upstream developer in OpenStack with an active contribution in many projects mainly in Nova, QA etc.
He is also a frequent speaker in OpenStack summits and LinuxCon. He has been actively involved in various PoC and solutions design around OpenStack.

He will talk about OpenStack Community, its Structure, Activeness and technical Highlights.

Sean McGinnis

Sean is a Distinguished Engineer in the Dell EMC Office of the CTO, focusing on programs to support open source usage and involvement across the company. Sean is currently a community representative on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors. He has served on the OpenStack Technical Committee (TC), was the Project Team Lead (PTL) for the Cinder block storage project and the Release Management team, and is currently a core reviewer in a number of OpenStack projects.

He will talk about the Need for Open Infrastructure.

Idan Shahar

Idan ia an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for bleeding edge open source tech. He loves operating at the sweet spot of where business meets technology – the area where we can all drive true impact. Currently he is working at Microsoft on a specialized team where they focus on enabling their partner and startup ecosystem. He
loves his job and this ever-changing industry and looks forward most to meeting and collaborating with great people!

His speech is “Kubernetes Buzzwords – Everything you wanted to know – but never dared to ask “

Plenary Speakers

We would like to proudly announce the following Plenary Speakers in our conference (in alphabetical order):

Manos AntoniouPyData
Ankit GadgilMozilla/RedHat
Dimitrios GlynosCENSUS S.A.
Constantinos HalevidisNiometrics
Yiannis KanellopoulosCode4Thought
Stamatis KatsaounisGRNET
Maria MykoniatiNOKIA
Alex NtoulasNKUA
Serena PeruzzoBardess Group
Emmanouil SerrelisExpanding the CIA triad for the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution
Martins SipenkoKASKO

Ankit Gadgil

Ankit is an Open Source enthusiast who supports in Privacy by design. He is an open web advocate who believes the web should be equally accessible to all for equal opportunity. He likes engineering software through comprehensive architecture and design. Ankit is a Mozilla community mentor, Mozilla Reps Peer and a tech speaker. As a day job, he contributes code at Red Hat and enjoys working with Python and JS. 

Dimitrios Glynos

Dr. Dimitrios Glynos is the Director of Product Security Services of CENSUS S.A., a company that builds on strong research foundations to provide specialized IT Security services to customers worldwide. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and in the past has worked as an IT security consultant, digital forensics expert, software developer and systems administrator. 

At CENSUS he has led security assessment projects of devices, software and infrastructure for many different sectors including software & Internet services, financial, banking, insurance, payments, healthcare, consumer electronics and telecommunications.

Speech title: “Using program instrumentation to identify security bugs”

Yiannis Kanellopoulos

Yiannis Kanellopoulos has spent the better part of two decades analyzing and evaluating software systems in order to help organizations address any potential risks and flaws related to them. (In his experience, these risks or flaws are always due to human involvement.) With Code4Thought, Yiannis is turning his expertise into democratizing technology by rendering algorithms transparent and helping organizations become accountable. Targeted outcomes of his work include building trust between the organization utilizing the algorithms and those affected by its output and rendering the algorithms more persuasive, since their reasoning will be easier to explain. He’s also a founding member of Orange Grove Patras, a business incubator sponsored by the Dutch Embassy in Greece to promote entrepreneurship and counter youth unemployment. Yiannis holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Manchester.

Martins Sipenko

Martins is a software engineering professional with years of experience in software and infrastructure design, development 
and integration. Currently working in KASKO where he is responsible for building and running secure, modern and scalable 
infrastructure. Open source contributor. Huge fan of automation. 

Speech title: “Private PKI using Hashicorp Vault”

Serena Peruzzo

Serena is a senior data scientist at the analytics consultancy Bardess, currently based in Toronto, Canada. Before joining Bardess, she has worked both in academia as an ML researcher and in the industry as a data science consultant on the Australian, British and Canadian markets. Serena is passionate about education, community and tech for good and she splits her free time between mentoring data science students, organizing meetups and volunteering. 

Speech title: “Feature engineering: the dark magic behind data science”