Dimitris Andreadis

Dimitris Andreadis

Engineering Director @ Red Hat, Quarkus Team

Dimitris Andreadis has 25 years of experience in IT and he is currently Director of Engineering at Red Hat in charge of the Cloud Native Runtimes group that includes Quarkus, Vert.x, SpringBoot, Node.js, as well as his former WildFly / JBoss Enterprise Application Server teams that he used to run for several years. He also served as the JBoss AS project lead and he has been a JBoss addict and contributor from the early start-up days. He worked previously at Intracom and Motorola in the areas of NMS/OSS, designing reusable frameworks and distributed systems. Dimitris studied computer science at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and received an M.Sc. by research from University College Dublin, Ireland. Dimitris is a passionate advocator of Opensource & Red Hat technologies and has presented on a variety of events and conferences around the world. He has been an invited speaker at various Java/Linux community events and user groups, and he has delivered inspirational talks on technology and Open Source in universities and educational institutes. In his spare time he has also helped with the organization of technology enablement events for children, like Scratch Days, Devoxx4Kids and JCrete4Kids.

All Sessions by Dimitris Andreadis

11:20 - 13:20

Quarkus Workshop

Workshop Room 105

Saturday 11.Nov / 11:20

THEME: SW Craftmanship, Microservices

Quarkus is leading the way in the Kubernetes Native Java Application development space. Bring your laptop and come to this workshop to learn the basics around Quarkus, try your first program and experience first hand how Quarkus brings Developer Joy.

#quarkus, #kubernetes, #native, #java, #cloud

16:45 - 17:30

PANEL Discussion: The Stay or Return Dilemma for Professionals in Greece - Navigating Choices and Overcoming Challenges


Saturday 11.Nov

In recent years, Greece has seen a wave of professionals from information technology fields, who have either chosen Greece to stay and grow professionally (either founding their own company, or working for companies) or returned to Greece after years of living abroad, or choose to not return.

The panel will delve into the multifaceted factors that influence these choices, the challenges they encounter, and the strategies they employ to navigate this unique crossroads in their careers.

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