Artemis Kouniakis

Artemis Kouniakis

Software Consultant @ Code4Thought

My name is Artemis Kouniakis and I am currently Software Consultant at Code4Thought.

I hold an MSc degree in Quantitative Finance and I have worked for several years in Big4 Firm.

My passion for technology and software led me to a career change and Code4Thought was the place to go. Combining my knowledge on Finance, Data Analysis and Software and my passion for learning new things, I am adding value to our clients and help them to build better and more maintainable software from multiple perspectives.

All Sessions by Artemis Kouniakis

16:10 - 17:10

Workshop - Mining the Git Goldmine

Workshop Room 105

Friday 10.Nov / 16:10

THEME: Tech Leadership, DevOps

Learn how to effectively utilize analyzed data from git repositories to optimize software development processes, enhance team dynamics and drive continuous improvement An AI-generated code topic will be briefly introduced as a teaser,

#git #repository-mining #code-quality #architecture #team-dynamics

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