Michalis Takaronis

Michalis Takaronis

Research Assistant @ University of Piraeus

Michalis Takaronis is an Associate Researcher at the University of Piraeus. He is currently enrolled in the MSc on Digital System Security at the University of Piraeus.

Since 2021, he has been a member of the Security System Laboratory of the University of Piraeus.

He is also the Project Manager and Training Coordinator of the Hellenic Cyber Security Team for the ECSC. His research interests are in the field of binary exploitation and penetration testing.

All Sessions by Michalis Takaronis

10:50 - 12:20

Challenge - Cyber Security challenge - Capture the Flag

Workshop Room 105

Friday 10.Nov / 10:50

THEME: CyberSecurity

Compete against each other in solving four security related challenges in about one hour. To solve a challenge, you may have to analyse digital files, reverse engineer binaries, crack hashes, break cryptographic algorithms or exploit programs’ vulnerabilities.

You will Learn more about Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions and their alternative gamified approach for delivering cybersecurity training and Introduce yourself into ethical hacking.

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