Speaker: Robert Springer

Speaker:  Matina Tsavli

With danm it is possible to allocate multiple network interfaces to the pods. Danm is metaplugin plus infrastructure in kubernetes. You can control network interface attachment via pod manifest’s annotations. This presentation is a little bit deeper dive how it is working in real life.

Ebpf is a “renewal” of classic bpf (berkeley packet filtering) which is in kernel since 2.5. In 2011 JIT was introduced, in 2014 with e newer JIT ebpf was born. One of the evolution techniques that it introduced, was decoupling from networking. However, this presentation is still about networking, an introduction to ebpf/xdp via examples and possible usage scenarios inside kubernetes.

Basic knowledge on Kubernetes, Basic knowledge of LINUX and networking

Target audience:
Anyone interested in cloud networking

Prerequisites on Audience:
a) SW/HW:
Audience is encouraged to bring own Laptop so as to follow hands-on sessions.

b) Know-how: 
Basic knowledge on Kubernetes, Basic knowledge of LINUX and networking.

Knowledge on how to make multiple networks in Kubernetes, Presentation material.


  • Short intro to Cloud networking
  • Multiple networks using DANM
  • Introduction to Ebpf xdp
  • Possible usage scenarios with Kubernetes