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WORKSHOP: Modernize existing apps with Cloud Native technologies

kindly offered byMicrosoft

Date / Time: Saturday 3 December / 15:10-17:10 EET

I Sarris

Speaker: Ioannis Sarris
Azure Cloud & AI Technology Consultant @ Microsoft

Konstantinos Ziazios pic

Speaker: Konstantinos Ziazios
Senior Technical Consultant @ Microsoft

Workshop Description

Cloud-native architecture and technologies are an approach to design, construct, and operate workloads that are built in the cloud and take full advantage of the cloud computing model. The main pillars of Cloud-Native applications are microservices, containerization, automation, and cloud infrastructure.

Microservices gained popularity in the last decade towards building complex and larger applications. The microservices approach achieves the above by adopting a strategy of putting together a large and complex application from small individual blocks. These individual and discrete blocks can be considered as separate software components which have their own code and resources.

The overall aim is to structure an application as a collection of services that are highly maintainable, testable, loosely coupled, and independently deployable.

Microservices are developed around business capabilities and as such are independently deployable with automated deployable mechanisms. Related DevOps technologies can be used to help these automations.

In this workshop we are going to focus on:

  • Cloud-native applications and advancements in Microservices architecture
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Containerization and Orchestration using AKS
  • Hands-On: Modernize an existing .NET application from on-premises to Cloud optimized and Cloud-native

Tags: Azure Cloud, Application Modernization, Cloud Native, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Containers, AKS, .NET

Learning Objectives 

  • How to architect an application using cloud native architecture and technologies
  • Microservices architecture
  • Containerization and automation
  • How to create an Azure Container Registry
  • How to create an Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Best practices on how to deploy containerized applications using Helm Charts, GitHub Actions, AKS and ACR.

Workshop References
– What is Cloud Native? | Microsoft Learn

Level: Intermediate

Target audience: 

Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, System Engineers, Software Architects, Solution Architects, Students, and anyone who has a passion for cloud native architecture and is eager to learn how to deploy multi-container-based applications powered by automation on Azure Kubernetes Service.


Prerequisites on Audience:
– Laptop
– Install VSCode with Azure Tools extensions (
– GitHub Account
– Create an Azure Subscription for free using the link: (200$ included)

– Start Cloud Skills Challenge that covers basics knowledge of Azure.
– or go through master basics of Azure learning module.

– Presentation in pdf format
– Sample .NET Core reference application, powered by Microsoft, publicly available in GitHub with related documentation on architecting and developing containerized and microservice-based .NET Applications (


  • Modernize existing apps with cloud native technologies – Part I (Presenter: Konstantinos Ziazios)
    • Cloud native presentation
    • Workshop 1
    • Microservices presentation
    • Workshop 2
  • Modernize existing apps with cloud native technologies – Part II (Presenter: Ioannis Sarris)
    • Lift and shift to containers presentation
    • Secure DevOps presentation
    • Demo: How to create an Azure Container Registry
    • Demo: Build container images with GitHub Actions
    • Azure Kubernetes Service – AKS presentation
    • Demo: How to create an AKS
    • Deploy in AKS a containerized eshop application using Helm Charts and GitHub Actions
  • Q&A