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WORKSHOP: Developing an idea into a startup

kindly offered byTech Finance Network and Marathon Venture Capital

Date / Time: Friday 2 December / 10:50-12:50 EET

Thaleia Misalilidou pic

Speaker: Thaleia Misailidou
Marathon Venture Capital Principal

Mentors: CFOs and Investors from Marathon VC and Startups

  • Approaches to testing your ideas & the early signs of a successful venture
  • How to best use your time & resources towards product market fit
  • Financing before VC financing is on the table
  • The Venture Capital path
  • Brainstorming session and personal time Q&A – split in groups


Target audience:
Persons interested to start up or founders seeking mentoring

Prerequisites on Audience:
Bring your own ideas for startups or problems you met while starting up.



Lecture part:

  • Approaches to moving from the idea stage, all the way to establishing a company.
  • The early signs of a potentially successful venture
  • Pre-seed financing options and what a VC is looking for

Mentoring part.

  • Get mentoring on how to find potential customers, angels, free resources, make proper budgeting