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WORKSHOP: Client work with LOGIC

kindly offered byLOGIC

Date / Time: Friday 2 December / 13:00-14:10 EET

Speaker: Paris Kasidiaris

Workshop Description

Providing consulting or freelance
professional services in the software industry is becoming more and more popular. Along with great opportunities for freedom and profits, come tremendous stress, overnights, weekends, all-nighters, in order to complete these deliverables and justify your billables! It does not have to be that way. 

In this workshop we will see how you can work with clients in a sensible way —
with logic. 

We will talk about practices, workflows and tools to deliver exceptional work on time, while managing expectations, keeping both clients and employees happy, staying on top of everything. 

We can do exceptional work and enjoy it, along with the rest of our lives.

What will you Learn:

  • work with clients in a sensible way
  • practises, workflows, tools


Target audience:

Freelancer professionals, entrepreneurs and people interested in self-employment

Prerequisites on Audience:

Presented material


  • Workshop – 45min
  • Q&A – 15min