byHack The Box

Date / Time: Saturday 7 November / 15:00-18:00 EET


Tutor: Sotiria Giannitsari
Hack the Box, Community Manager

It’s hacking time! Are you keen on learning and experimenting with new things? Tech-savvy and think outside the box? Interested in cybersecurity and how your work relates to hacking?
Then, this Workshop is a must for you!
Hack The Box is presenting an exclusive 3-hour Workshop for Οπe\n Conference 2020.
This is a limited seating Workshop with only 30 seats available, so make sure to reserve your spot now!

Beginner / Intermediate

Target audience:
Any developer or sysadmin (or anyone!) interested in web and containers, wanting to explore how to hack and secure these technologies.

Prerequisites on Audience:
a) SW/HW:
BYOD, have a security-oriented VM (e.g. Parrot OS), have following tools installed: Nmap, Dirsearch/Gobuster/Dirbuster, Burp/ZapProxy, SQLMap, smbclient

b) Know-how: 
Basic knowledge of Docker and web apps

Top 3 attendees will receive: Annual VIP, 6 Month VIP and 3 Month VIP! 

15 min: Oπe\n Conf Intro to Hacking! (What is a CTF, how to register/login, where you should focus, common tools and best practices)

2 hr: Time to Hack with HTB (Live Hacking Workshop. Time to learn how to exploit Containers in Linux and Windows OS using best practices taught!)

45min: Workshop Closure (Workshop WriteUp Overview and Explanation, Q&A and Prize Nomination)