AGILE - Workshop


Date / Time: Thursday 5 November / 18:00-20:00 EET


Speaker: Kostas Stroggylos
efood, Senior Software Engineer & Tech Team Lead | Upward, Advisor

In this session, Kostas Stroggylos will briefly introduce Event Storming, one of the most recently developed techniques for collaborative modelling that has taken the Domain Driven Design community by storm (pun intended). After that, we will try to apply it to a specific domain. The subject does not require special IT skills and the workshop is open to people from all backgrounds, including UX, product design or management, and any kind of people on the ‘business’ side. 

Expected benefit for the participants: Familiarization with the event storming practice that enables better alignment between business and tech.


Beginner / Intermediate

Target audience:
People of all backgrounds involved in building software systems (engineers, designers, product, management)

Prerequisites on Audience:
Own laptop with a recent version of a major browser. We will be using an online collaboration tool (real time board) for this workshop.

All attendees will receive the presentation slide deck, and the workshop outcome (the modelled system) from both teams.


Part 1: Presentation

  • Short intro to Domain Driven Design
  • Event Storming as a modeling technique
  • The mechanics of Event Storming

Part 2: Hands-on workshop
Part 3: Discussion on workshop outcomes and recap