GenAI Hackathon

@Open conf - 21-23.Nov.2024

Sponsored by OPAP


Hackathon takes place 21-22.Nov.2023 at DAIS conference center -1 spaces.

Aim of the hackathon is to interconnect, educate, and foster Greek technical ecosystem.To provide a platform for collaboration, innovation, and growth, thereby contributing to the region’s technological advancement..We also want to showcase the high level of expertise on GenAI within companies, communities, educational institutions, startups and individuals. 

Participants will receive mentorship and advice from industry experts, network with great individuals and companies. They shall use their creativity to develop innovative applications, and have fun.

In brief, hackathon will utilize a specific GenAI framework, to create an APP that solves a “problem” (exact theme to be announced later), teams will register draft ideas, up-to-15 teams shall get shortlisted, they get mentoring and develop their project, pitch it, win and earn the prize !


Hackathon is already announced on June. Registration Kickoff and Shortlisting of Teams will take place Sept-Oct 2024. Shortlisted teams will get GenAI tool access, trainings , and start preparation on 1.Nov. Hackathon will take place at Dais conference center between 21-22.Nov. Winner team will repeat their idea pitching from main stage on November 23rd and get their prize!

Check below a more analytical Timeline:


Open 2024 hackathon is inspiring Greek tech ecosystem to use the power of GenAI tools (code-pilots) to drive rapid prototyping for theme …. 

Exact theme will be announced on 1st of Sept. so stay tuned !


Everyone within Greek tech ecosystem is invited and welcomed to participate in this GenAI Hackathon: Tech University students, Tech Professionals, tech entrepreneurs, tech communities’ members.

To encourage young / novice techies to participate, we are defining 2 “leagues” the experienced-league and the novice-league. Team can pick any lead to compete in, based on their experience in apps development and use of GenAI. The biggest prize will go to the experienced-league winner and the smaller to the novice-league winner.

To Participate, register HERE  (link to be added 1st of Sept) till 13.Oct. You can register as individual or as a team with all team members’ details. We shall provide a Discord channel that individuals can use it to find team partners. Teams may have up to 5 persons. During registration you need to define: the problem to solve (based on the theme), your solution-project, and the way you will use GenAI for the development.

During 2nd half of October,, Open conf Hackathon team will short-list the entries and pick the 15 finalist teams to compete during hackathon. These teams shall get the selected GenAI framework licenses and online trainings on how to use it on 1.Nov They can start pre-work (ideation, design, trials)  right away.


Your team firstly need to be shortlisted out of all entries. Once in the 15 shortlisted teams, you ideate, design and test your project.

At 21-22.Nov you further develop at the Hackathon space @DAIS, get mentors’ support and pitch it to the Jury committee on the 22nd. You shall have 5-7min for your team pitching which includes demo of the project as well.

Jury will assign scores to the teams using certain categories. Team scores per league (experienced / novice) and winner (per league) will be announced.

Winners will pitch the project in main auditorium stage on Saturday 23rd and receive their awards (to be announced)


Your team needs to develop -using designated GenAI platform- a web app, or mobil app, or hardware project, or data-driven application or game etc and make a DEMO of that in frond of the Jury. 

You also need to present your idea, implementation and how you used designated GenAI platform to develop your project. You can use the proposed Presentation teamplate <link> or your own as soon as you present same areas.

You need to do that via a 5-7min pitch that includes the presentation and DEMODemo material, code, presentation etc need to be sent to the Jury before the pitching.

Winining teams will repeat the pitch on the conference main stage (Saturday 23.Nov 16:45)


The competing teams shall use a specific GenAI framework to develop their project. We offer following levels of support for them to create a successful and engaging project and pitching:

  • GenAI Manual/ Online Training : how to use the GenAI framework (eg APIs, Code generation) that will be available to all shortlisted teams
  • Mentors : will be subject matter experts in GenAI, business, app development and marketing and offer their support to the teams in specific slots on 21-22.November live @DAIS Hackathon space
  • Open conf Hackathon team : will offer support in the logistics of the teams like getting the license, a Discord to search for team members, providing the venue access, tickets, etc
  • Online collaboration tool : to be used by any team can ask questions and Mentors / Open conf Hackathon team can answer back


Jury will consist of 10 members: 4 subject matter experts from the ecosystem. 3-4 experts from the sponsors, 2-3 experts from Open conf Hackathon team.

They will watch the pitching of the teams, ask questions and vote using a scale 1-5 for the following criteria:

  • Implementation (40% weight) – completion and quality of implementtion, Usage of GenAI platform, Difficulty
  • Idea-Innovation (40% weight) – Innovation, Positive impact, Applicability
  • Presentation (20% weight) – Presented Demo and Material, Presentation skills


Upon registration, teams and individuals will sign an agreement in which they acknowledge that their registration data will be available to Open conf Hackathon team, Mentors and Jury to use for the purpose of the Hackathon proceedings.

They also acknowledge that their idea/project is an original one, not copied from others, or development before. If Open conf hackathon team, Mentors or Jury identify that presented ideas was copied from other sources, or developed before, team will be disqualified.

Users can opt to be contacted after the hackathon from the Hackathon Sponsor for further business collaboration. Also can opt for having their name and linkedin details published by Open conf at own communication channels.

Teams own and can develop further their idea after the hackathon. Open conf can publish the pitching and abstract of the ideas in own channels and social media along with team names (or persons details if allowed by them)

WHAT is it for ME

You will get mentorship and advice from industry experts, accelerating your career development. Hackathon also builds networking and  Connections towards organizations, companies and individuals.

Participants will gain hands-on experience with the latest in AI-assisted coding tools, enhancing their skills and productivity.

The hackathon will encourage the development of innovative applications focused on sustainability, aligning with global goals and demonstrating a commitment to responsible technological advancement.


All shortlisted teams will get Open branded swags as a nice souvenir of their participation. Hackathon sponsor may also give additional swags.

Winner teams from both leagues shall get a prize (to be defined later on). Additional awards to be announced.

Participants will have dedicated finger food, along with drinks, also light lunch and coffee offered during both days of hackathon (21-22.Nov.2024)