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Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for 6G: a revolutionary pathway to perceptive networks

kindly offered byUniversity of Piraeus

Date / Time: Friday 10 November / 14:45-15:00 EET
@ -1 Foyer - Demos spot

Speaker: Prof. Angeliki Alexiou

Professor @ University of Piraeus

Speech Description

Providing immersive, interactive and intelligent connectivity ubiquitously available in 6G systems will require the exploitation of new frequency bands, the adoption of novel hardware technologies and advanced materials and the rethinking of Information and Communication Theory and networks design principles under the prism of:
(i) the ‘beyond Shannon’ concept, i.e. the joint design (reconfiguration) of the wireless environment and the wireless communication system and
(ii) connectivity ‘beyond just transmission of bits’. These 2 beyond can be materialized in 6G by introducing inherent multi-functional intelligence, empowered by the ability to control, tune, reconfigure, and engineer the wireless environment on the fly and the ability to measure, detect, monitor, map, sense the wireless environment.

In 6G perceptive systems, reconfigurability and programmability, agility and resilience, situational awareness and sensing will transform communication networks into cyber-physical connectivity infrastructures, capable of ‘sensing’ and ‘shaping’ the world.

Based on this vision, the objective of this talk is to present major 6G usage scenarios trends and, in this context, explain the role and potential of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) as a key wireless innovation that could catalyze 6G. RIS fundamentals, design principles and challenges, novel capabilities and features will be discussed and illustrated through selected wireless connectivity examples.

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TAGS: #6G, #PerceptiveNetworks, #IntelligentSurfaces