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Humanoids in education

kindly offered byUniversity of West Attica

Date / Time: Saturday 11 November / 15:40-16:00 EET
@ -1 Foyer - Demos spot

Speaker: Prof. Michalis Feidakis

Senior Researcher / Lecturer @ University of West Attica

Speaker: Prof. Charalampos Z. Patrikakis

Professor @ University of West Attica

Demo Description

Participants become aware of the Humanoids (i.e. Softbank NAO) and their AI capacity, as well as UNIWA Consert Lab education applications that are freely available.

Learning Objectives:

In this demo participants will:

  • Become aware of Humanoids (i.e. Softbank NAO) and their AI capacity.
  • Learn how humanoids are programmed (choregraphe)
  • Test and evaluate humanoid’s AI
  • Informed about “CONSEDRE”, ConsertLab’s repository about Open Education Resources (OERs) in Greek Language.

Level: Intermediate

TAGS: #Humanoids, #Education, #AI