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Flexible – Printed Electronic Devices – Contemporary challenges and applications.

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Date / Time: Friday 10 November / 14:25-14:40 EET
@ -1 Foyer - Demos spot

Speaker: Prof. Grigoris Kaltsas

Professor @ the University of West Attica

Demo Description

Flexible and printed electronic devices refer to technologies that allow the manufacture of electronic circuits using printing technologies (screen printing, inkjet, etc.) thus providing the possibility of creating devices on a multitude of substrates, which can be flexible, in contrast to traditional electronic circuits that are limited to rigid substrates and specific materials. This technology has applications in many fields such as portable electronic devices, flexible energy systems, IoT systems, medical applications, etc.

Flexible and printed electronic devices represent a major breakthrough technology that has the potential to change many fields, from health and wearable technology to energy and communication. However, the development and mature adoption of these technologies still require further research and development.

The “Microsystems, Sensors, Embedded Devices and Automation (microSENSES)” laboratory has long-term experience in the design, construction, and characterization of such systems and will present representative examples of technologies and prototypes, which have been developed in the context of various projects.

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