Vasileios Souleles

Vasileios Souleles

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) @ Google

Friday 10.Nov / 17:00

Vasileios Souleles is a Site Reliabiliy Engineer (SRE) at Google, working as a member of the Security and Compliance team of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Vasileios holds an M.Sc in Electrical and Computing Engineering (ECE) from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

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16:55 - 17:15

Postmortem Culture at Google: How do we learn from failures and how can you too?


Friday 10.Nov

THEME: DevOps, Tech Leadership

Writing postmortems after incidents and outages is an essential part of Google's SRE culture. They are blameless, widely shared internally, and allow us as an organization to maximize the insights from failures.

We touch on how postmortems are written and used at Google, as well as how they can help in making decisions and driving improved reliability. We also show how you can get started with your own lightweight postmortem process.

#SRE, #Google, #Culture, #Postmortem, #IncidentResponse, #Blameless

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