Thanassis Parathyras

Thanassis Parathyras

co-founder @ Stackmasters

Thanassis Parathyrasis co-founder of Stackmasters the company that provides Cycleops, a SaaS to simplify software deployment automation.

He is an expert in systems and cloud platform architectures with a background in Linux, Ansible and OpenStack.

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10:45 - 11:05

Cycleops Platinum Sponsor Speech: Automate deployments on top of bare metal


Friday 10.Nov

A live demo and presentation of Cycleops about the deployment software landscape

The work of delivering software products to end customers is the core business of an increasing number of companies around the world. At the same time, the process of developing software applications calls for a larger set of skills from the engineering teams. This skillset is missing from the market. That's why many companies are actively searching for DevOps engineers to hire, but having trouble finding them.

Automation is the response of the engineers to the need for delivering more features to a wider audience, while eliminating human error and increasing quality and efficiency. DevOps is the culture of collaboration between teams involved in different stages of the software development lifecycle. However, even in the simplest of cases, DevOps processes still claim the precious time of DevOps engineers.

Cycleops offers the solution to automate deployments in a simple, fast, and accessible manner that align with the current working environment of software vendors. Today, we will demonstrate how to use Cycleops to deploy your Docker-based applications to bare metal servers. This will enable you to reduce costs while benefiting from the automation capabilities you would expect from a cloud platform. Additionally, we will provide a comparison of various deployment solutions in the industry to help you understand how Cycleops fits in the market.

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