Stella Varvarigou

Stella Varvarigou

Software Consultant @ code4thought

Stella is a Software Consultant at code4thought with expertise in Software Maintainability and Security by Design.

She has worked as a software engineer on very large projects for European Organisations and in the long past for enterprise ERP systems.

She started her career as an intern, in a bio-informatics research project in “NCSR Democritos” which utilized text analysis to represent genomic sequences."

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12:30 - 13:10

To all developers: Your code adds or removes your system’s security


Should we all agree that Security is a software quality aspect that needs to be treated in all seriousness and craftsmanship? This presentation will show how security can be integral to a software developer’s daily work (or habit if you will) and how it is affected by how clean and maintainable a given codebase is.

Our goal is to help software developers realize how the so called Security by Design is affected by making sure the code they develop is highly maintainable. In our experience the majority of security incidents are caused by software mistakes (or better code-level mistakes). During our session we will use real-life examples to demonstrate how good code quality can be a layer of security defense from inside out. After all, good and maintainable code means faster changes and faster fixes when security incidents occur.

Our final goal is to contribute in shaping the software developers culture in adding the perspective of Security and secure coding early on during the development process of a given system. We firmly believe that more (and better) awareness should be raised towards this direction underlining the significance of how different source code properties affect each other and ultimately how maintainability reinforces Security by Design.

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