Stella Tsitsoula

Stella Tsitsoula

CEO @ RED.comm / Co-Founder @ Women4Cyber Greece

Stella Tsitsoula is a specialized communications consultant in the Tech and Cybersecurity industry. She works with multinational organizations and universities to navigate emerging technologies, manage risk, and strategize for the future.

Stella promotes European Cyber Security Challenge events and represents the National Cybersecurity Team of the Hellenic Republic.

She is the founder and President of the Hellenic Cybersecurity Institute and Co-founder and Vice President of Women4Cyber Greece chapter and serves as the Greek Liaison to the ECSC Steering Committee at ENISA.

With her own communications agency and as the founder of Space Communications Alliance, Stella has over 25 years of senior management experience in media and communications.

She holds a B.Sc degree in Computer Engineering, a PGCert in Management of Public Relations, and is pursuing an MBA. Stella is also a Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.

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