Stavros Vassos

Stavros Vassos

Co-founder, CEO @

Dr. Stavros Vassos is a co-founder and the CEO of, a startup that is transforming business operations with Conversational AI since 2018. offers a no-code platform for Generative AI that works with your data to create tailored solutions for HR, IT, Sales, and Customer Support, and introduces a new paradigm for the governance of AI Assistants and AI Copilots.

He has worked as a professor in the Sapienza University of Rome where he taught MSc and PhD courses about AI and Interaction Design, and he did his MSc and PhD in AI in the University of Toronto in Canada.

He holds an award from the AAAI association for AI for his research in action-driven frameworks published in 2008. In 2023 he led the “AI4EPO” team that won 1st place on the first AI contest organized by the European Patent Office, aiming at a new way to classify patents and extract specific information related to sustainability and the so-called green plastics.

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