Sotiris Kyritsis

Sotiris Kyritsis

Software Engineering Manager @ Intralot

Sotiris Kyritsis is a Software Engineering Manager at Intralot, a global leader in gaming and transaction systems.

Leading a team that creates large-scale web applications, he's passionate about merging microservices for gaming innovation, from lotteries to real-time sports betting.

Sotiris is currently crafting a cutting-edge web-based terminal, bridging traditional retail with modern web tech. Beyond work, he's an open-source enthusiast and tech explorer

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12:30 - 12:40

INTRALOT GOLD Sponsor Speech: Designing a modern headless scalable Content Management System.


Saturday 11.Nov

Transitioning from a legacy, proprietary Content Management System platform to a cutting-edge, versatile solution that excels in serving multiple touchpoints. Emphasis will be given on performance and scalability, leveraging the power of Kubernetes.

TAGS: #intralot #weareintralot

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