Sanne Goslinga (old)

Sanne Goslinga (old)

Director of Talent @ Marathon Venture Capital

Sanne grew up on a small island in the Caribbean, Sint Maarten, where her passion for people was cultivated through the large cultural melting pot.

In 2012, having completed her master degrees, she moved from Australia to Berlin, Germany. There her excitement for startups began; the vibrant and fast moving scene inspired and energized her. Sanne joined Sociomantic Labs where she built out the HR team and grew the company to 250 employees across 20 geographies. Working with different cultures and backgrounds grew her curiosity towards people and the question: What drives them?

Soon after Sociomantic labs was acquired by Dunnhumb, Sanne joined Wayfair, a US ecommerce player. At Wayfair Sanne built out their people team across the EU with over 2500 employees in the EU spanning across various offices, warehouses and call centers. Just before the pandemic hit, Sanne joined remote-only company Hotjar which allowed for her and her family to spend time in Berlin as well as Athens.

Since February 2021 Sanne is the Director of Talent at Marathon Venture Capital where she supports the portfolio companies to build scalable and sustainable businesses. She works with the founders and their people teams on various HR initiatives such as recruitment and retention strategies, performance management, organizational development, compensation as well as leadership coaching. In addition Sanne drives various community efforts such as the annual Greek Compensation Report and a Slack group called HR Greece which brings professionals with an interest in HR together to discuss various people related topics.

Sanne has a passion for developing people, coaching, problem solving and employee relations. The relationship between people, their actions and their psychology fascinates her. It intensifies her curiosity for the future of work.

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17:30 - 18:10

PANEL Discussion: Big Bang and the IT job market


The IT job market has been booming during the last years, it has evolved a lot and startups have played a key role in this. Combine this with new skills that have emerged from new technologies like Blockchain and the Metaverse and you have the recipe of this amazing panel we'll host with experts in different fields, from hiring and company culture, to engineering and startups.

Main focus of the panel will be about the exponential need for talents in the IT job market during the last years, the critical skills for young engineers that want to start a career in IT and last but not least how engineers shall reskill to future-proof and develop their career

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