Prof. Grigoris Kaltsas

Prof. Grigoris Kaltsas

Professor @ the University of West Attica

Dr. Grigoris Kaltsas serves at the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering of the University of West Attica as a full Professor while from 12/2013 to 03/2018 he was the president of the Department of Electronics of the TEI of Athens.

He has participated as coordinator and principal investigator in more than 25 European and National research projects and is an active member of various scientific committees-organizations in the broader field of microsystems-sensors.

He has been awarded five patents, two of which are international. He is the author of more than 180 scientific articles in international scientific journals and conferences, while he has at least 1220 citations with an h-index=20 (source: He has held 10 invited talks at major international conferences, summer schools, and workshops in the field of microsystems and sensor technology.

Since 2011 he has been the Head of the Scientific Board of EMBIO Diagnostics Ltd (EMBIO) (, which provides cutting-edge services and products in the area of biological systems and devices and is the world leader in cellular biosensors.

He is the founder and head of the established Research Laboratory "Microsystems, Sensors, Embedded Devices and Automation" (microSENSES). In addition, he served as Technical Program Chairman of the international scientific conference "Eurosensors 2011". He is also a member of the International Program Committee of the conferences: "Eurosensors" (2012-23), "Micro-and Nano-Engineering (2008-2023), "ALLSENSORS" (2016-2023), "SENSORCOMM" (2018-23) and HORA (2020-21).

Finally, he is an editor in various international scientific journals (MDPI Sensors, ISRN Electronics Journal, Sensors & Actuators A and B, and Elsevier-Procedia Engineering), while he is an active reviewer in a number of international scientific journals in the area of microsystems.

All Sessions by Prof. Grigoris Kaltsas

14:25 - 14:40

Demo - Flexible – Printed Electronic Devices – Contemporary challenges and applications.

oyer (-1) - Demos spot

Friday 10.Nov / 14:25


Flexible and printed electronic devices refer to technologies that allow the manufacture of electronic circuits using printing technologies (screen printing, inkjet, etc.) thus providing the possibility of creating devices on a multitude of substrates, which can be flexible, in contrast to traditional electronic circuits that are limited to rigid substrates and specific materials.

This technology has applications in many fields such as portable electronic devices, flexible energy systems, IoT systems, medical applications, etc.

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