Paschalis Rompanos

Paschalis Rompanos

Senior Development Leader @Signal

Paschalis is a Senior Development Leader at Signal

After earning his master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens, he entered the automotive industry to deliver computer vision and robotics industrial systems all around the world to companies like Audi, Ford, FCA, BMW.

In 2016 he took the chance offered to him by Signal and did a major switch into the maritime industry.

Being a member of Signal from the very early days he was honoured to contribute to a big number of projects; from the very first dashboard of the platform, the Distance Tool, at 2016 until today, that he is the Senior Development Leader of the Tanker and Dry Platform team which provides a rich toolbox of high end technology dashboards, reports and APIs to the maritime industry people all around the world.

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