Olga Skarla

Olga Skarla

Consultant l Human capital @ Deloitte/ executive director @ girls in tech GR

Olga Skarla is certified SAP Consultant, with MA and MSc, in Human Capital Transformation in Deloitte Business Solutions in Greece and the Executive Director of Girls in Tech Greece.

She has worked for global organization and enterprises, supporting important projects. From her academic years she specialized on developing programs about coding and linguistics.

She is also a mentor about woman empowerment on IT field, inspiring a lot of young students and women to follow their dreams, achieved their goals, by sharing her knowledge and expertise through sessions.

All Sessions by Olga Skarla

11:30 - 12:00

Speed Mentoring 3

Foyer (-1) - Women-Led spot

Saturday 11.Nov / 11:10

Get inspired by successful professionals regarding your studies, career journey, and job advice. Benefit from a focused 1-1 session.

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