Nikos Tsiligaridis

Nikos Tsiligaridis

CTO @ WeatherXM

Nikos Tsiligaridis is WeatherXM’s CTO, co-founder and principal embedded systems developer.

He has been in the company since the very beginning developing applications, IoT hardware and software with the core team to support large scale weather projects. Through thick and thin, he has devotedly helped the company grow from concept to materialization and now designs WeatherXM’s hardware.

Having lived in China for a few months to work on the company’s first station prototype, Nikos decided to add Chinese to his already existing pool of three languages, which include Russian, C++, C, assembler and even Javascript sometimes!

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17:20 - 17:30

WeatherXM: The evolution of a web3 IoT startup - WeatherXM Silver sponsor


How a small team of romantic engineers iterated a “quick and dirty” IoT infrastructure to scale a global web3 weather network.

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