Markus Borg

Markus Borg

Principal Researcher @ CodeScene / Adjunct Associate Professor @ Lund University

Dr. Markus Borg is a senior researcher at the intersection of software engineering and applied artificial intelligence.

His research interests include software engineering intelligence and AI engineering in the automotive domain.

Markus serves on the editorial board of Empirical Software Engineering and is a department editor for IEEE Software.

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15:00 - 15:35

The Quest for Evidence-Based Technical Debt Management


THEME: Tech Leadership, SW Craftmanship

Technical debt is an established concept in the software industry. Developers know that "quick and dirty" will return and haunt you later.

The interest is the extra effort you must dedicate to future development because of previous shortcuts. However, awareness of code issues rarely leads to action, and the debt is not paid off – typically because implementing new features gets higher priority.

What if we could cast a light on the technical debt interest rates? In this talk, we will discuss the business impact of poor code quality. The findings originate from original research and our ongoing quest for evidence-based technical debt management.

You will leave the session with a new perspective on the costs of technical debt – ready to motivate the next refactoring campaign!

#technical debt, #software quality, #evidence

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