Kyriaki Minoglou

Kyriaki Minoglou

Head Optoelectronics Sections @ European Space Agency

Kyriaki Minoglou (MEng in Electrical Engineering in 2000, M.Sc. in Microelectronics in 2002, Ph.D. in Optoelectronics 2007) has more than 15 years’ experience in space imaging payload and detector technology development.

She joined ESA in 2014 and currently, as the Head of the Optoelectronics Section, she is managing the technical contribution to ESA technology developments for Earth Observation and Science Missions and is also responsible for the coordination of the R&D activities in the fields of detectors, lasers, optical communications, photonics, lidars and quantum technologies.

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15:00 - 15:40

Quantum technologies in European Space Agency


Friday 10.Nov

THEME: Cybersecurity, Quantum Tech

Quantum technologies use the quantum properties of physical objects (e.g. photons, atoms or more macroscopic objects) for both practical purposes and scientific experiments. In the last century, these effects have been mostly studied in academic settings, but recent years have seen an increasing development towards real-world applications.

In general, quantum technologies can enable measurements with higher precision (e.g. gravity & accelerations, time & frequency, electromagnetic fields, etc…), that are leading to new type of devices (quantum computer, quantum cryptography) or enable fundamental physics science experiments (e.g. exploring limits of quantum theory, quantum gravity).

In many of these applications, space plays an important role. Additionally, new concepts such as the rising performances of quantum computers, the quantum internet or quantum sensing devices offer many opportunities for being used either in space or being beneficial for the space industry in general. In this talk,

I am going to present the status of European Space Agency in view of space technologies and payloads in relation to satellite quantum optical communications and Cyber security.

#Cybersecurity, #Quantum Tech

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