Kostas Papageorgiou

Kostas Papageorgiou

Web Architect, Team Leader @ Optasia

Kostas Papageorgiou started his career at Optasia as a Java developer, but he soon made a move to the PHP world.

While working with PHP, he started to appreciate the vast possibilities it offered of making things happen in the web and two years later he advanced further by becoming the team leader of the Web team.

He loves working with his team, mentoring them, as well as learning from them. Despite being tech-freaks, they all enjoy drawing on paper draft designs with shapes and lines before even touching the keyboard.

The Web team manages the Airtime Credit Services and Mobile Financial Services web projects. They also provide solutions for the internal IT procedures, for any issues and needs that might arise. The two most recent examples of such needs are, the central configuration server (CCS) used by all microservices, and TALOS, the end-to-end testing framework used by the QA team.

His only regret is that for the past three years he has been failing the promise he has made to himself: to start writing code again!

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13:30 - 13:40

Optasia GOLD Sponsor Speech: TALOS: End-to-end functional testing in the world of microservices


Friday 10.Nov

Optasia-owned and developed, TALOS is an internal framework which enables automated testing across the set of involved microservices by providing our QA engineers the ability to write small test scripts for every step of the test cases while managing all the fuzz.

Having transitioned our core platform from the monolith, we now live in a world that has a continuously increasing number of evolving microservices and new features. With TALOS we seek to address the increasing complexity as our end-user services are adapting to our clients' setup, local legislation, and other specific needs.

TAGS: #Architecture #Testing #microservices #QA

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