Ioannis Kolaxis

Ioannis Kolaxis

Software Architect / Director @ Accenture

Ioannis Kolaxis is a Software Architect at Accenture, focusing on Green Software innovations. He is an inventor, speaker, and author of the Green Software book. He has been previously developing software for Atos, IBM, and Siemens.

Ioannis was a kid in primary school when he first saw the green screen with the blinking cursor of an Amstrad CPC6128. This computer opened a new world to him, a world of continuous exploration and creation through programming.

He invented a novel way of working remotely, having filed five patents for software solutions. He was awarded twice the first prize for coming up with the most innovative ideas at Atos Innovation Week 2020 and 2021.

Ioannis frequently speaks at conferences and meetups, including GOTO Amsterdam 2022, Devoxx Ukraine 2021, and Oracle Code One 2019.

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13:40 - 13:55

Green Software: Rethinking how to develop software to save our planet


Friday 10.Nov

THEME: GreenTech

Do you know that the greenhouse gas emissions from software applications surpassed those of the aviation industry in 2021? As our reliance on technology continues to grow worldwide, so does the environmental impact of software applications. But as software developers, we have the power to make a positive impact in the fight against climate change.

This session revisits the established development practices, providing practical guidelines that developers and architects can follow to measure and reduce the environmental footprint of software applications.

The focus is on practices requiring a minimal development effort, still providing the maximum savings in carbon emissions. At the same time, most of these practices will help reduce the costs of your cloud applications because they minimize the consumed resources (CPU, memory, storage, network). It is assumed you are involved in building software applications and aspire to help prevent climate change.

#GreenSoftware, #Cloud, #Architecture

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