Georgios Chondronasios

Georgios Chondronasios

Senior DevOps Engineer @ intralot

Georgios Chondronasios is a Senior DevOps Engineer in Intralot.

George is interested in Linux based systems and microservices, he has hands-on experience supporting, automating, and optimizing mission critical deployments in Azure and Kubernetes, leveraging configuration management, CI/CD, and DevOps processes.

He exploits technologies for building and deploying Docker containers and Kubernetes applications to break up monolithic apps into microservices, improving developer workflow, increasing scalability, and optimizing speed.

He has strong passion for tech and modern C++ development STL containers, algorithms and multithreading applications. George holds a BEng in Computer Communications and an MSc in microelectronics & computing and he is a Raspberry pi and electronics design enthusiast.

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13:10 - 13:20

Scaling apps reflects the ability of the software to grow or change with the user’s demands - INTRALOT Gold Sponsor


A presentation to help you understand what is the scalability of web apps, why it is so important and the key components to consider when building a scalable web application.

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