George Hantzaras

George Hantzaras

Director, Kubernetes Engineering @ MongoDB

George Hantzaras is a distributed systems expert and a hands-on engineering leader with focus on delivering Enterprise cloud services at scale.

He is a Director of Engineering at MongoDB, focusing on implementing cloud native technologies at enterprise scale.

Most recently, he has been a speaker at global events like OpenSource Summit, Hashiconf, LeadDev, DeveloperWeek, and more, focusing on agile leadership, scaling engineering teams, and entrepreneurship.

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12:40 - 13:15

Kubernetes Operators and the future of cloud-native DevOps


Saturday 11.Nov

THEME: Microservices, DevOps

An increasing number of companies are running production Kubernetes workloads, with more and more reporting difficulties to managing their Kubernetes ecosystem. On top of that, deploying and managing application on Kubernetes adds an additional overhead. How can custom operators abstract some of this complexity.

In this presentation we'll go over the basics of the Operator framework and dive deeper into how you can easily develop your own operators.

In the biggest part we'll focus on the use cases that Operators can streamline, such as easier deployment, management, upgrades, day-2 operations, built-in compliance and more. We'll then explore the Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) and how Operators can be distributed and managed.

Finally, we'll see a decision framework to help decide whether you need an operator and what problems you need it to solve

#Cloud-native, #Kubernetes, #Hybrid Cloud

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