(facilitator) Antonis Kalipetis

(facilitator) Antonis Kalipetis

Docker Captain, Senior Software Engineer

Antonis is a Docker Captain and a Senior Software Engineer.

He is a Python lover and developer who helps teams embrace containers and improve their development workflow.

He loves automating stuff and sharing knowledge around all things containers, DevOps and developer workflows.

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20:10 - 21:00

Panel Discussion: Reversing Brain Drain in Greece

19:35 - 20:40

Panel: Reversing Brain-Drain

During the panel, we'll discuss how we can minimize the brain drain from Greece, or even better reverse it by creating an environment for people to come back.

• Creating high-skilled jobs in Greece
• The environment needed for returning back
• Build local, go global
• Greece's role in remote work and the pandemic era

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