Emilios Eracleous

Emilios Eracleous

Specialist XR Recruiter @ Immersive Search

Emilios is the Specialist XR Recruiter & Co-Founder of Immersive Search, where he provides exceptional XR talent to businesses across the globe.

Currently, his main focus is on creating clear pathways for graduates to enter the industry & addressing the skills gap.

Rajat has tons of experience in Unity development, Android development, and also pens down AR/VR articles for tech publications including AR/VR Journey & HackerNoon!

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17:30 - 18:10

PANEL Discussion: Big Bang and the IT job market


The IT job market has been booming during the last years, it has evolved a lot and startups have played a key role in this. Combine this with new skills that have emerged from new technologies like Blockchain and the Metaverse and you have the recipe of this amazing panel we'll host with experts in different fields, from hiring and company culture, to engineering and startups.

Main focus of the panel will be about the exponential need for talents in the IT job market during the last years, the critical skills for young engineers that want to start a career in IT and last but not least how engineers shall reskill to future-proof and develop their career

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