Eleni Santorinaiou

Eleni Santorinaiou

Data & AI Specialist @ Microsoft

Eleni Santorinaiou is a Microsoft Data & AI Specialist part of EMEA Global Black Belt team.

You will find her helping customers leverage cloud for their data estate, doing deep dive workshops to build their data architecture and explaining the databases internals.

Her background is in Electrical and Computer Engineering and prior to her role at Microsoft, has worked at HPE as EMEA Technical Consultant for hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Her aspiration is to eliminate biases when designing an architecture and use an open framework that takes into account functional requirements.

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15:20 - 16:00

Database design for SaaS Multi-Tenant Applications


Tradeoffs and options of segmenting tenants in multi-tenant applications with horizontal scalable databases.

#distributed #databases #multitenant

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