Efstratios Gavves

Efstratios Gavves

AI Scientist. AI Professor. AI Co-founder @ Ellogon.AI

Dr. E. Gavves is an Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam, Lecturer of Deep Learning at the MSc in AI, Scholar of ELLIS European Network of Excellence in AI, co-founder of Ellogon.AI that builds AI for immunotherapy for cancer patients.

His core scientific hypothesis is the computational understanding of time, dynamics, and causality, fundamental for AI that generalizes and extrapolates to open, embodied, interactive visual data worlds.

He pioneered Video Representations in 2014 as a post-doc at KU Leuven with T. Tuytelaars. In 2016, he introduced the paradigm-shifting Siamese algorithms in Visual Object Tracking, challenging 30 years of practice, now adopted by all state-of-the-art.

He did his PhD at the UvA with A. Smeulders and C. Snoek on fine-grained recognition.

Since 2021 he is spearheading research on Causal Representation Learning for algorithms that learn autonomously by cause-and-effect. He was awarded the ERC Career Starting Grant 2020, the NWO VIDI, became director of the QUVA Deep Vision Lab with Qualcomm, and POP-AART Lab with the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Elekta.

Efstratios supervises 15 PhDs on theory and applications of Learning Dynamics.

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