Dionysis Tsoumas

Dionysis Tsoumas

Head of DevOps @ GWI

Dionysis Tsoumas is Head of DevOps at GWI, runner of the yearly DevOps League workshop series, passionate engineer with great interest in cloud computing, infrastructure as code and task automation.

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17:15 - 17:25

GWI GOLD Sponsor Speech: Observability and synthetic testing with Grafana and K6


Friday 10.Nov

Earlier this year at GWI, we identified a gap in our efforts related to observability and testing. The DevOps team was passionate about their Grafana dashboards, and the QA team was occupied with their K6 testing suite, however, we found ourselves in need of better proactive uptime and transaction monitoring.

To address this, we decided to collaborate and embark on a pet project that would enable us to achieve synthetic monitoring. Our plan was to leverage K6, our existing LGTM Grafana stack, and a plethora of Kubernetes best practices and automations.

During this presentation, we will share our journey in creating “Wakeup,” our internal solution for synthetic monitoring, so join us as we delve into the details of how we merged our expertise to create a robust monitoring experience using Grafana and Kubernetes.

TAGS: #devops #k6 #grafana

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