Dimitris Syrivelis

Dimitris Syrivelis

Datacenter Systems Engineering Division @ NVIDIA

Dimitris Syrivelis is a senior ASIC engineer, member of the Datacenter Systems Engineering Division @ NVIDIA.

He works on logic design, firmware and linux kernel in the context of projects that evaluate next-generation datacenter full stack technologies.

Before joining NVIDIA in April 2020, Dimitris did a 4-year stint at IBM Research, Ireland.

He then worked on IBM Power 9 processor technologies that underpin the US Oak Ridge national labs SUMMIT supercomputer. Dimitris primarily worries about datacenter interconnects and how they can be sustainably evolved to disaggregate the datacenter into fine-grained resource pools, under software-defined control.

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18:40 - 19:05

Insights on the Challenges of Next-Generation Datacenters

Datacenters gradually become the new unit of computing. From Cloud service provider large scale infrastructures to private small-scale deployments, datacenter architectures and related core technologies are at an inflection point.

Vast amounts of generated data that typically need to be processed by AI pipelines, sometimes within real-time application contexts, smartly stored and queried with intrinsic security. To deal with these workloads, accelerated computing became the center of datacenter innovation but introduces new challenges to the datacenter systems stack.

This talk will highlight the key challenges and how the industry attempts to address them.

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