Dimitrios Patsos

Dimitrios Patsos

Digital Risk Executive @ Microsoft

20+ years of enabling Large Organizations & Governments in EMEA manage their digital risk, cyber security, compliance and privacy challenges.

Expert in addressing C-Level requirements with technical and operational controls, through Microsoft's Security, Compliance, Identity, Management and Privacy stack and enable client organizations harness the full potential of their digital transformation without unnecessary risks.

Multiple awards from the industry, the community and the academia; leader of the Greek Cyber Security Community.

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15:20 - 16:00

Security through an innovation lens


Security has been conceived as a necessity rather than a requirement, resulting in complexity, longer deployment cycles and labor intensive assessments.

In the cloud native application innovation space, security is build in rather than bolt on. Let’s discover how Microsoft Azure accelerate innovation without unnecessary risks

#Azure #DevSecOps #ApplicationsSecurity #CI/CD

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