Chris Xystras

Chris Xystras

Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer @ XM

Christodoulos (Chris) Xystras is a Senior Cloud Devops Engineer in XM.

He passed through sectors of Mobile and Internet Service Provider, Cloud Provider and is currently in Fintech. He is passionate about cloud services, methodologies and practices.

He leverages and stresses the potentials of services by committees such as Solution Design, Cost-Opt and Chaos Engineering.

Chris mentors a team of engineers with which are building fascinating, secure and efficient automations, while keeping costs down and resilience in mind. In his free time, whenever that may happen, he enjoys walks, playing mini football and fishing under the stars.

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13:10 - 13:20

Resiliency verification through Chaos - XM Gold Sponsor


In God we trust.... Everyone else must pass through CHAOS!!!

A brief walk-through of how we used Chaos Engineering to establish resiliency trust in our infrastructure.

13:10 - 13:20
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