Anni Panagiotopoulou

Anni Panagiotopoulou

Director @ Slash-Lead Generation and Founder @ 2310 Strategy

Anni Panagiotopoulou has international experience in enterprise development and sales strategy in multi-million technology services organizations, specializing in digitization, blockchain, robotics, and automation. She bridges the gap between commercial and technical, especially for growth and pragmatic innovation within corporations.

Anni leads 2310strategy a boutique consultancy on sales strategy, product commercialization and enterprise architecture focusing on technical organisations. At the same time she runs Slash, a Lead Generation Agency utilizing automation and AI for successful brand amplification and sales, while she is an active member of Greek Blockchain Network driving Blockchain adoption in Greece and beyond.

Anni actively contributes to the tech community as a co-organizer of the Athens Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech Meetup, co-organises V as in Metaverse annual tech conferences in Greece and serves as a guest lecturer at the Indifi Fintech academy.

Over the past decade, Anni has collaborated with numerous companies both internationally and in Greece, consistently engaging with C-level management stakeholders. Her educational background includes a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering from AUTH and an MSc in Strategy & Supply Chain Management from Rotterdam School of Management.

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16:30 - 17:00

Speed Mentoring 2

Foyer (-1) - Women-Led spot

Friday 10.Nov / 16:30

Get inspired by successful professionals regarding your studies, career journey, and job advice. Benefit from a focused 1-1 session.

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16:45 - 17:30

PANEL Discussion: The Stay or Return Dilemma for Professionals in Greece - Navigating Choices and Overcoming Challenges


Saturday 11.Nov

In recent years, Greece has seen a wave of professionals from information technology fields, who have either chosen Greece to stay and grow professionally (either founding their own company, or working for companies) or returned to Greece after years of living abroad, or choose to not return.

The panel will delve into the multifaceted factors that influence these choices, the challenges they encounter, and the strategies they employ to navigate this unique crossroads in their careers.

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