What is Zone01 Athens?

We are an elite training centre and a digital talent powerhouse, crafting dream teams of next-gen coders who are job-ready from day one. At Zone01 Athens, we go beyond traditional education and traditional recruiting.  We detect highly diverse talent with high potential; we train them for 2 years and then connect them to top-tier tech jobs. 

At Zone01 Athens, we have an opportunity to remove financial barriers to high-quality digital education, enabling people from all walks of life to learn how to code. For this reason, Zone01 Athens is tuition-free for learners.

We will target segments of the population who wouldn’t ordinarily consider software engineering as a viable career path – given the high barriers to entry into traditional tertiary education.

Our pedagogical model is unique: teacherless, gamified and project-based, based on the established pedagogy of 01-Edu (the team behind School42 and numerous successful coding schools worldwide). Now landing in Athens to revolutionise the approach to digital talents, 01-Edu is an international success model with thousands of alumni around the globe, currently operating in more than 14 countries.