We are a global fintech company with a vision to enable financial inclusion for all. Partnering with MNOs, mobile wallet operators and financial institutions worldwide, we support them in providing financial access to end customers and SME’s. With trustworthy solutions, we create new revenue opportunities through valuable services for individuals and entrepreneurs.

Optasia is the AI Platform enabling financial access for the next billion customers. A versatile, data-driven B2B2X (business-to-business-to-customers and SMEs) financial technology AI platform for MNOs, mobile wallet operators and financial institutions, which provides them with accurate credit scoring for responsible financing decision-making.

The driving force behind our work and success is our ability to expertly combine and leverage the power of data & AI technology.

We support intelligent credit decisions and enhanced data consolidation, enable a broad range of financial services development, and drive successful business models. All with ease, through our AI-led fully automated decisioning algorithm, which allows us to efficiently make millions of decisions on financing, based on sophisticated data analysis.

Our Values

At Optasia we are fiercely dedicated to delivering state-of-the art services, while being focused on our targets. We are always open to new perspectives and welcome the stimulating and creative ideas of our colleagues!

Professional Growth & Development

We empower our employees to succeed in their roles and ultimately move up the ladder. We create an environment where learning, training and mentoring programs are firmly and actively supported.