As its name suggests, Voiceweb has been one of the earlier pioneers of Speech, Conversational AI and Natural Language Understanding technologies since 2001, when these technologies were just emerging from R&D labs to commercially viable products & applications.

Leveraging the knowledge amassed during these 2 decades of designing and deploying a variety of cutting-edge conversational applications, Voiceweb has been repeatedly introducing breakthroughs in the Speech and Conversational AI industry over the years and is considered to be one of the industry pioneers worldwide.

Enelai is an omni-channel Conversational AI Customer Engagement platform for the design and implementation of Natural Language Understanding Voice Assistants & Chatbots., Agent Assistant, Interaction Analytics, Social Media Intelligence and Digital Customer Onboarding. Enelai becomes the customers’ point of first contact for any Enterprise regardless of the digital channel employed (phone IVR, Web, Mobile, Social Media and Messaging Apps).

Leveraging upon Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Voiceweb’s two decades of hands-on implementation expertise, Enelai is a functionality-rich platform, packed with cutting-edge CX capabilities, conversational automations and hundreds of ready-to-use building blocks for faster onboarding. It constitutes a comprehensive solution for enterprises wishing to offer a truly exceptional Customer Experience to consumers.

Enterprises in 20 countries (Europe, Middle East & Africa and Australia) have trusted Voiceweb to assist them in applying a customer-centric communication approach, meeting their objectives and improving Customer Satisfaction.