Οπe\n (pronounced open) conference is a pursue of Nokia in Greece to interconnect and foster the local SW Development and IT ecosystem, so that it helps it gain a  prominent position, while contributing to the reduction of brain drain.

We joined forces, to organize the Oπe\n conference in Athens. Our topics this year will be Cloud and Python, one topic per day. Our dream is to turn Oπe\n in an annual two-day technical conference that will draw the attention of the global tech ecosystem.

For 2019 the conference will cover two topics, one for each day: Python and Cloud technologies/architectures. Areas on which papers would be needed:

PYTHON: Practical applications and the theoretical foundations of Python. Indicatively and non-exclusively:

–        Core language (architecture, evolution), frameworks (e.g. Flask, etc.),

–        Applications: Machine/Deep learning, Tensorflow

–        Analytics (SciPy, NumPy, Pytorch)

–        Working practices (tools, testing frameworks i.e. Mach, Keras model, Debugging, logging, etc.)

CLOUD: Practical applications and the theoretical foundations of Cloud Computing, including engineering and business aspects. Indicatively and non exclusively:

–        Microservices, Docker, Go, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Kubernetes, Openstack

–        Standardization aspects,

–        Testing/Integration aspects,

–        Technologies to support high availability, scalability, slicing, capacity etc.

–        open APIs

–        Debugging and performance.

NEW! All 2019 conference presentations are available at the 2019 Content  page.


NEW! All 2019 conference videos are available at:
Oπe\n conference’s YouTube channel

Call for presentations

Call for presentations has been published: Papercall for open-conf
Submissions were possible until the 25th of January 2019

Final scoring in the CfP procedure has been announced in Papercall for open-conf .  All speakers that had been selected, were contacted and  announced upon confirmation.  A big thanks to all submitters.