Οπe\n (pronounced open) conference is an annual technical conference focusing in leading-edge tech topics. It’s supported by Nokia Hellas and major open communities of Greece from Software and IT sector. It’s vision is to interconnect and foster the local tech ecosystem, so that it helps it gain a  prominent position, while contributing to the reduction of brain drain.




In 2020, we will have following topics covered within these Themes: 


(in brief: Containers, Orchestration, Serverless, FaaS, Integration and Security)

  • Theoretical foundations of containers and containerization
  • Usage, best practices and architectural aspects of using containers as infrastructure
  • Container engines and orchestration frameworks
  • Serverless computing, FaaS platforms and the serverless framework
  • Advantages and disadvantages of related designs, the containers vs serverless debate
  • Security aspects of using containers or serverless designs
  • Testing and integration tools, frameworks and practices


(in brief: AI/ ML, Data Analytics / Fast Data / Big Data, IOT security and scaling, Cloud native)

  • Real world practices and applications of AI / ML /Data Analytics
  • Frameworks for Data Analytics/Fast Data/Big Data
  • Technology and implementation perspectives and security hardening of IOT applications including network scaling.
  • Cloud native applications
  • Tools , frameworks and security considerations for cloud native

Call for presentations

Call for presentations has been published: Papercall for open-conf
Submissions are possible until the 10th of November 2019.

Proposed speeches should be in the 20’ – 40’ minutes range (+5’ for Q&A).

We are open to alternative presentation modes like a semi-structured panel-like discussion or other.